Distribution Automatique

Sunday, June 1


For the Special Ed Hearings

XXXXXXXXThe passing of the
Public Law 94-142 ushered in the first
possibiities thawt the knowledge now existing
in Psychology, Physical Rehabilitation and education
could be xxxxxxxx *applied* for the
help of xxxx children directlly. Finally, we
have moved in these fields from theory
to the entire social application of the
theories. However, as long as this
xxx action was in coming, it appears
xxxxxx that we are here not only
questioning the value, but how the
money is to be used.- (What? this
is harder than I thought.)

(Motherwell in NY Times Magazine Dec 2,
1984- Free Association, psychic automatism,
identity- scale-authenticity...)

(Poetry Calender Nove 1984- One night: Blaine,
Writing and Psychoanalysis, Money: the same week's
"Collage"- Blaine- missed it)

Ease of rudeness. How long does it take to be sure?

Still worried about Bruce's formulation of
language-centered writing as outside the
whole issue of identity- "words were what
were whole"- at the end of subjectivity-
It is the instinctual relationship between objectivity and
subjectivity which is changing, just as
the relationship between men and women, and
all the permutations possible emerge
as part of *actuality* and therefore not
denied by what is *considered* objectively...

He is saying, for the purposes of writing
there is no such things as "I"- or
that the writinng need not be filtered
through some I- yet the poems,
in being presented as written by Bruce
Andrews are the product of an
identity (12/5 -or of a mind belonging- associated
with an identity)
Words refer neither to the object not to the
subject by means of a mediated self, but
by means of a *desire* producing articulation
of linguistic energy not referring nor representing, describing
or defining actuality as it is constituted of and
by language. As a result, identity is
subsumed as one tonality of the music and not
a particulary interesting one at that.

In such a use of language knee-jerk
systemic uses or contexts of writing
are eliminated, one by one, until all
that remains is the actuality of words.
By this means the actuality of experience
inhabits the signals which are transmitted
by these constellations of "frequencies"
and "amplitudes" or meaning.


*Every one of us is involved."


"We will not pay the sin-tax."

Syntax= sin/tax
language= long gaze, long gauge
words=xxxxxxx voids
thought= thaw out/ thou ought
think= the ink
imagine= I'm a gene

Have all you want of what you have