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Friday, December 23

Sebastopol, 1990

Sebastopol, 1990
Originally uploaded by fait accompli.

Left to right:
Cydney Chadwick, Norman Fischer, Steve Benson,
David Bromige

Sebastopol, CA 1990

Thursday, December 22

Short Listed!

Thanks to Kevin Andre Elliot whose blog

Slant Truth [click here] listed ::fait accompli:: in its top ten favorites.

Wednesday, December 21

On the "Maudlin Art Cohones of Self-Destruction"

Lavamatique [click here] puts some thoughts on bohemia (almost wrote: bohernia) on spin cycle...

Sunday, December 18

TL of the LDB, part II, The Boho Awards
La Vie de Boheme-ery and the Capital of

Pantaloons presents the
awards, with the usual panache
Odalisqued on La Vie de Boheme-ery
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Shadows Within Shadows
The Capital of Pain

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The Boomer Hath Spoken

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