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Sunday, May 15

Two New Books Employing Hypnogogic Processes of Writing

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Bernadette Mayer explained at her reading at the Bowery Poetry Project yesterday that she has been employing hypnogogic processes of writing, using lines halfway between waking and sleeping. One of her new books was available at the reading. (The other one, also very exciting to hear about is the complete Studying Hunger journals

Bernadette Mayer: Ethics of Sleep

Trembling Pillow Press, New Orleans, LA 2011

"if you want to write/be polite as an angel/& move the table/gently toward the pen/then ask/an implied question/of the subject/the relation/the figure/for instance/you could say/'You expect so little'"
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Laynie Browne also read from two new books, (one of which was based on Bernadette Mayer's classic The Desire of Mothers to Please Others in Letters) titled The Desire of Letters (Counterpath 2010). The other books she read from was Roseate Points of Gold (Dusie, 2011)

"A basket of thought is internal/tempting the inner dawn/Neither this thought nor the movement entailed by mirror's/gravity contain solidity/Both dissolve by approach"

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Michael Ruby: Voices Heard Before Sleep (Argotist Online Free E-Book)

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Susan Bee Show Opening Soon at the Air Gallery

Susan Bee (and others) at the Air Gallery Susan Bee--Stephanie Bernheim--Senzen Marasela