Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 4


In the voice of kindness truth sings, or at least rings; from the mouth of cruelty it stings.


Children can keep hardly anything to themselves. It's love that should be seen and not heard.

Friday, March 3


Sun, water and praise will grow anything.


The only thing in this world that is infinite is the envy of small minds.

Thursday, March 2


To treasure- that is the treasure.


If you can't find time to do everything find time to do nothing.

Tuesday, February 28


Little time to think about what you don't like or don't have when so much time is needed to think about what you can't understand.


I fell asleep on a merry-go-round with a pocketful of tickets and woke up on a roller coaster with a handful of stubs.

Monday, February 27


Even when being hurtful, people think they've been kind. They could have been so much meaner!


The best way to show how you feel is to ask a question.

Sunday, February 26


You can always tell how much a well- known writer is being read by how condescending they are. The less read, the more condescending.


No fame without maim.