Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 8


Caring eyes think they can see and do anything. They are right.


Some treasures grow only when they are shared- notably memories.

Thursday, April 6


Effervescent writing, like its cousins beer and champagne, should be consumed all at once or fast as its bubbles also quickly disappear.


Enthusiasm's effort builds a castle out of hopes; with a careless elbow, antagonism levels the playing field.

Wednesday, April 5


When I am sad I am not myself. A strange being inhabits my body who I don't know and can't recognize.


Worry is hurry with nowhere to go.

Tuesday, April 4


Even what you most strongly want to do often you must force yourself to do. Why? Because negation is the norm, a creditor waiting to pounce.


Unentangled perseverance produces energy. Energy creates delight. Delight brings happiness.

Monday, April 3


Writers and thieves have something in common- to succeed they must dispose of the evidence.


You don't go to masters for correct techniques but for efficacious attitudes.

Sunday, April 2


What has eroded with time is not so much the pleasure of discovering the truth but awareness of the pleasure in confronting its nemeses.


Not only is truth stranger than fiction but it is stranger than facts.