Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, June 4


The word earnest invented the end of sincerity. If one only listened to
the fullest extent to the intonation of each word and
rang its metal against the stone of reality


It's a mistake to think of all sure
movement as a quickly completed
gesture.This is probably because
most satisfactions feel brief, and this
can come to be experienced as a
lack of complete satisfaction. But in a
world of work, all satisfaction is partial.
Only the retrospecive assessment distances me
from the fragmentary. But the whole
thrust of even the fullest satisfaction is
propulsion towards *another* full
assessment. We produce and weigh, produce
and weigh. Any weighing which follows a
production inevitably brings the concept
of *more.*

The Buddhists got it almost right.
It's the wanting others to do that breeds
illusion (fantasy)- it's imagining
what others might do that breeds illusion
(fantasy)- it's thinking of what others
should do that breeds fantasy-illusions.

The universe answers all questions with
the sun.