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Thursday, September 3


Until information and experience are minted into insight and direction they are like food and drink without taste
and texture.

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Purpose, not pleasure, provides the greatest ongoing satisfactions of existence.

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Review of the Jack Tworkov show and his recently published book of journals, edited by Mira Schor

The New Criterion

UBS Gallery review in The New York Times

Jack Tworkov

Examiner.com review

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The Current Assignment-in the new issue of Poets and Artists (Oranges and Sardines)

The Current Assignment

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Never Neutral-Ernesto Priego-Bloggng and Narcissism- Five Years Later

Many thanks to Ernesto Priego

Blogging and Narcissism- January 2004

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Twitter Art


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Those perfectionists who pride themselves on their tastes refuse to admit when they are satisfied and then wonder why they are often unhappy

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We fill ourselves with the brilliant accomplishments of others forgetting that it is others that are filling us,not only the accomplishments


Lately, I've been developing the Contradicta on Twitter



Poets and Artists- The Self-Portrait Issue

Poets and Artists: The Self-Portrait Issue


La Comunidad Inconfesable Septiembre 2009