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Tuesday, September 14

The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

Around the time Toni and I moved to Park Slope, I wrote a piece about Hazlitt on this blog. That was 4/25-5/2 2004. Someone must have linked to it, and I noticed the link on my site meter. I reread it and thought to repost it.

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new issue: k a m a t e k a o r a (New Zealand)

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Anne Tardos, Nine, 40 A flow movie

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Alan Davies featured in Craig Dworkin's

UBU WEB Anthology of Conceptual Writing

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Works Received:

Ray Di Palma: House of Keys (foldout chapbook, art and poetry): Longhouse, Longhouse Poetry

"But at least for the moment unable to think further, though/
with a sense of being a privileged insider whose querulous/
nature was never far from the surface and was always ready/
with a challenging response meant to be heard never more/
than in partial jest..."

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Geof Huth: untitled 10 page privately distributed chapbook dated 9 September 2010

"dendritic /excercises towards (no, toward (no, to))
the thought thinking"

Geof Huth's email: geofhuth@gmail.com

Geof Huth's 365 ltrs