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Wednesday, November 18

The Final Beginning (Poets and Artists 12/09)

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National Book Award for Keith Waldrop

It isn't often that a major literary award goes to a poet whose work I've always enjoyed and admired.

Keith Waldrop on the EPC

"Sing fast. Voices fail."

[from Semiramis If I Remember (self-portrait as mask)]

"An uncertain line we walk, the line- ill-marked and slippery-between inhibition and exhibition."

[from The Silhouette of the Bridge (Memory Stand-Ins)]

"(you are more im-
portant to me
than words or

we will not remember
the word

[from The Locality Principle]
Poets and Artists (O & S) December 2009

I am pleased and proud to announce that some of my work has been included in the latest issue of Poets and Artists December 2009 edited and produced by Didi Menendez

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Information plus passion=knowledge; information minus passion= document

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Success consists of 1% holding forth and 99% holding back.

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Feelings are the language of experience; words tell us what the world wants-and needs- from us and are maps to what we want and need from the world.

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Silence in response to biting words helps make thought into a kind of music.

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l'amour fou

Tom Beckett's latest blog

Which I found by reading all the latest posts on dbqp, Geof Huth's blog, including his detailed review/memoir concerning a recent reading at Bard by Rachel Blau Duplessis

Proving once again, that information is best discovered by means of avid reading, in which case it is usually no longer simply information, but knowledge (information plus passion=knowledge; information minus passion=hot air)

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Otoliths Issue 15

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Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh- sample pages (PDF)

buy it from
Salt Publishing It's a great book and Salt could use the help- Let's keep this valued press alive!

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New Paintings by Susan Bee (posted on Charles Bernstein's Web Log- via Ron Silliman's Blog)

by Susan Bee 2009
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Paul Auster's terrific new novel Invisible is a must-read

"The reason to read this book is that it's a startling tale of how a life can be wasted through being ruled by the past".

Read more: Auster's Invisible

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Drew Gardner from Second Avenue Volume 2

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Steve Buscemi was the lead in Fiona Templeton's First Play- see photo in this fascinating post about Templeton's work

The Kenning Anthology of Poet's Theater