Distribution Automatique

Saturday, October 28


Sometimes the music overwhelms the words, sometimes the poet overshadows the poem.


When one hand envies the other, nothing can be held.

Friday, October 27


The recognition of something's value frequently leads to little more than creating increased desire for it. This is how the appetite for acquisition trumps the progression of discernment.


Knowledge without insight is like humor without wit.

Wednesday, October 25


Just as there are shrewd animals who fake death in order to deceive predators, there are artists who feign failure in order to elude imitators. This device does not discourage the bottom feeders, however.


One might as well cloak one's generosity in an air of indifference, since where kindness is viewed as weakness, loneliness prevails.

Tuesday, October 24


Victors are careful to conceal their disillusionment with the rules of the games they wish to win. "Confidence" is at the heart of this charade.


Artists must get lost in order to discover anything as the freeways lead only to gas stations, malls and parking lots.

Monday, October 23


As writers climb the ladder to success they are wise to shed their feelings because the clouds, for example, that appear so substantial from below, from the top rung appear flat, where it also lonely because there is only room for one. This is a dilemma, however, for their readers, who expect to feel something in order to be convinced, when they read it, that the work remains substantial.


Friendship is a game of chess that should be played more gently and appreciatively as time goes on, otherwise the opponants will deprive themselves of the partners who have so steadily inspired them.

Sunday, October 22


Draw contentment from mundane repetition, find a refuge from strident surprise.


Too much satisfaction in approbation, too much affliction in disparagement or indifference..