Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, February 22

Books Received

A new book by Elaine Equi is cause for a celebration!

Just out: Click and Clone (Coffee House Press)

"I live in a clock in a corner of the future
beneath its glass gears and weightless weight-
in a room I share with numerous holograms

space being at a premium
and privacy (as we know it) a thing of the past."....

(from 'A Woman Trapped in an Aerosol Mist")

Elaine Equi on Penn Sound

* * * *

Just out by Chris Mason: Hum Who Hiccup (Narrow House)

"Hail, Library,
where homeless men
and women sit,
with the world's words:
you shelter vast
volumes of love.
I will meet you
down in the stacks."

(from Homeric Hums)

Chris Mason on Penn Sound

thanks to Chris and Elaine for sending the books!