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Saturday, January 10

Nevermind {click here}
"I believe I am happy with my dreams and my illusions, with laughter in the
eyes of those I love, with the rain and the absence of sky, with... [here my French
fades out...but I keep trying...]

Thanks to Media TIC- actualite de blogs et des blogs (French/English) {click here}

More and more French blogs with names in English... Viva la France! Buck Fush!
Forget about the bloggies and reviews.
All you need is Instant Audience Soundboard
Soundboard {click here}

And Boynton!!! {click here} How does she
know the exact moment when I need a lift or a laugh?

Which is only one reason why
I click on Boynton it every single day!!!
from a scrap of paper:11/20/98



Leaving things in place I
don't necessarily get
further. Sometimes I
have to let them drift,
or move them around to
see them again.

The stillness
dares you to move.

What overules me is
still me, even in its

I read to challenge
my mental capa-
bilities as much as

written on an envelope:

Robert Musil Diaries
Basic Books, NY 1998

"The individual
human being was
founded on a basis of
order in public life;
this is why he is helpless
when he cannot recognize
it any more."

p. 383

Friday, January 9

Notebook: 7/15/86

"What is it?"
"It's all the books, magazine articles, everything
in print in the world."

Take a stop towards the good &
you open yourself up to plenty of evil.
(This to be included in the Blake piece)

Image of running around the hallways of all the
scientists- encouraging them


The people are treacherous, because the
road is treacherous.

W need a Woman God, O, Fates

Where in this hierarchy will you put her?

On the ashes of the miraculous.



{The map of Africa
according to America}
Notebook: 9/2/92

A tunneling, an enclosure. [The fact that
9/2/92 repeats] The fact that 9/2/92 disappears.

Whatever you do, don't force it.
Whatever you do, don't just wait.

Going, going, gone.

A hideaway, a just dessert. A hill, a
hole, a hollow. The deserving one. Who

You're not communicating it, so I don't see it.
What do you mean, not innocent? I felt sure
it was just that that he liked. Well, maybe it's
just too sophisticated & I couldn't catch on.
Several riders holding on to the same subway strap,
only now the straps are made of metal and
there's nothing to call them. Go on, you just go on.
On living, on loving, to get it, to laugh.

Thursday, January 8

This just in Dogs Have Personalities {click here}
from Boynton {cllick here}



Baghdad Burning {click here}

Bellona Times (Ray Davis) {here}

Bemsha Swing {here} (Jonathan Mayhew)

Bloggedy Blog Blog (Katie Degentesh) {here}

Blue Kangeroo {here}(Jean Vengua)

Bogue's Blog (Michael James Bogue) {here}

Boynton {here}

Brand New Insects {here}(Shanna Compton)

The Brutal Kittens (James Meetze) {here}
Notebook: 4-29-84

stir (stem, chase, demure, eject, flimsy,
fortunate, attract, race, course,
sample, stave, afford, retract, trace,
can't) press (represent, transfer,
rapid, pair, report, progress, great,
tear, earth, greet) torque (round,
state, ignore, necessary, comment, metric,
syllable, comma, background, creature, glyph,
left, ennumerate, tend) defend (daughter)
difficult (satisfied) venture (tree)
lissome (mammery) target (stem)
precise (incite, incision, sword, swim,
microcosm, symmetry, sin) let (being)
familiar (refurbish) suture (next,
example, zero, onyx, nibble, bent, neither,
rather, hermit, spendthrift, tuft,
tincture, reside, empty, trigger,
future, symbol, take, crimson, north,
heathen, texture, furtive, vehement,
vehicle, curate, relagate, grip, particulars,
steps) pressure (prim, delicate,
delegate, stretch, sure, shape, ship,
hip, hope, hype, yip, plus, pope,
loop, pool, owl, flow, word)
silos (store, torch, church, house,
sound, doors, wars, race,
sift, tilt, taught, true,
drift, graft) purchase (pause,
reason, rebirth, myth, message,
seige, geiger, height, hilt, tease,
sympathy, hybrid, billow, wheeze,
censored, censured, sugared, region,
nether, either,learn, natural,
mural, tiger, broth, castle, cinch,
church, hose, hills, this, roof,
penumbra, oars, ruse, world,
telephone, totter, fuse, field)
passage (gap, halt) soft (flood,
food, deaf) feat (test, stood)
nephew (whew, west whether)
horse (harrow, stood) stem (lecture,
call, lake) callous (list, stitch)
time (immense, immeasureable)

Wednesday, January 7

I took transdada (kari edwards) {click here} - "Which art form are you?" test
and got:

You are Poetry. You are often the most emotional of the arts.
You are introverted, in that you tend to let people
come to you rather than trying to get their attention.
You get along well with Music and Literature.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Dep't, part 2

I just received a very kind letter from someone who
is both committed to a substantial involvement in contemporary poetry
and works for Google, who assures me that I shouldn't be so alarmed by that
article I linked to yesterday from the Google Weblog. I'm
pleased to hear this, and also to have my hopes sustained
that Google has every intention of continuing their
very generous policies towards blogging in
general and towards contemporary poetry
and poetics in particular.

Tuesday, January 6

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Dep't

Read about the upcoming Google *IPO* (initial public offering:
for the lucky few unenlightened about this yucky area)
Google Weblog {click here}
In a morose mood, figuring it's all over
soon anyway, I googled "poetics blogs most hits" Poetics Blogs Most Hits {click here}
and found out my Confessions of A Blog Artist {Sidereality-click here}
is #9
out of 812.
(If you google *Nick"
*fait accompli* is now about

Where will poetics will fit in
when Google and Blogger go
mega-corporate? Probably the
same direction as similar categories
in Barnes and
Noble: less and less shelf space
the longer the store is around.

Hoping for the best, though...

"If a poet is gifted, there are some distinct advantages to being slightly paranoid."
Carl Rakosi
Read the full piece (Selected Prose and Day Book) by
Carl Rakosi available right now on
Wood s Lot (Mark Woods) {click here}
El texto es ya un espacio extra-terrestre.
(The text is already an extraterrestrial space.)
muladar, movedizo, muladar (Heriberto Yepez) {click here}
Notebook: ca 1986

Notes for

Public Domain

{To delay creating the book
an undertone}

Preoccupation here with getting the words out freely
that surround the concept of "delay"
Rereading, even with that fragment will remind me of the
rest of the story.
To do or not do something has an impact on the reality
you are thinking about

Creative jumps

I note an "undertone" quality to the way the
words are uttered. What I consider finished &
unfinished business- determines exactly how I
follow through.

Poetry and psychoanalysis direct themselves to a
great extent on that which is underlying.

I gather a great deal from the meanings of
people's behavior that they don't have in their own
point of view. Art allows itself to spread out
its materials more than other types of construction.
To delay assigning a fixed value & allow the
value to emerge over time. Art collides with
time- language descends into past & future,
the ocean of time through its physical
manifestations which are fixed in some ways
unlike the spoken manifestation. We listen to
what people say partly to hear the evolution of our
individual relation to language as a whole.
The effort of granting public domain status
to ones expression of language moves that position out
of its immediate impact on speech-
in writing one's rhetoric one freezes it.
The impact is expected to continue. The
value of poetry, like all art, cuts across time.

Monday, January 5

Happy to announce my poem "Review"
has been published!
See it right now on
Poetic Inhalation {click here}

Thanks to Andrew Lundwall, Star, and
whoever else works on PH.

Nice job!
Human Verb (Noah Eli Gordon) {click here}
now presenting an interesting Duration press selection titled
"Notes towards the spectacle."

See why James Meetze (The Brutal Kittens) {click here} has my vote for the poet
most likely to ignite a new poetry movement
and why *The New Brutalists* are anything but
The Harbor of Tranquility

The more holding firm is wanted,
the more letting go is needed
to continue the dance.
Los personajes, estela de dobles; incógnita famila psíquica;
secuencia de fantasmagorías. Dalias inverosímiles.

Heriberto Yepez
muladar, movedizo, muladar {click here}

I still think my homophonic translation
would have been better than
Babel fish, but I clicked on it anyway and got:

The personages, wake of doubles; psychic incognito famila;
sequence of fantasmagorías. Dalias improbable.

Sunday, January 4

Will miracles ever cease?
Chimera Song Mosaic (Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo) {click here} is back!


This Public Address 3.0(Jeff Ward) {click here}
holds forth on 19th Century photography;
Emerson; and
that perennial favorite on the
contemporary literary Crush List,
Walter Benjamin.
Inspired by Jeff Ward's writing on 19th century
photography I wrote the following comment:

You write: "Photography’s significance, and photographs
themselves, always seem to beg for explanations."
Doesn't this have to do with "the shock of recognition"
though Edmund Wilson may not have been
thinking of photography when he employed this phrase.
Technology that brings people suddenly more in touch
with each other and amplifies everyday life leaves much
room for wonder.I realize very well that this refrain has
been repeated far too often, but it seems the same can be
said for blogging and web publishing on the whole.
For some reason, I see a kinship between
photography and blogging. Where print media
exagerrate the timelessness
and universality of writing, blogging, like photography,
captures some of the quickly evaporating
warmth of human contact.

Guess who...

"... that piano goes vertically through the wall when pushed
by a comicbook hero... intent on saving the planet from a rigorous
poetics of laughter... my salvation comes in small packages... my
address feels funny... if you want me... look for me... whistling
the day into blinky fright... look for me shouting hard candy"
posted at 2:23:51 PM

Brother Tom (Finish Your Phrase) {click here}
...of course
"Maybe it is the nature of the machine
that forces these inhuman historical
organizations; so that civilization
as in West is in long run self-

Alan Ginsberg
letter to his father
I'm delighted to report that
Ernest Priego (Never Neutral) {click here} has translated my poem
*Perhaps The Dream of Writing*
from my book *Light Street* into Spanish.