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Friday, November 11

Toni Simon and NIck Piombino's Contradicta (Green Integer) on PennSound

Madobe, a former Al-Shabab member reflects on why he left the group (Video)

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Foreign military actions seen worsening Somalia's humanitarian problems

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The downturn in 2008 led to a real problem in the US at food pantries. During that time I searched around for a charity that distributes food in the US, and I learned that the best one is Feeding America.

Ever since learning of the real possibility of mass famine in Somalia over the next few months (if things keep going wrong there more than a quarter of a million to 350, 000 people could very well starve to death there, or come very close to this). This is why I started linking to all the news I could find about the situation in Somalia. After a month, things have not improved very much.

Yet the relatively very comfortable life we live here goes on, and every now and again some small accident happens that leads to something interesting. In this case, my entire ipod collection got wiped out so I had to start from scratch. One of the albums of very long ago that I forgot how much I liked was Fleetwood Mac's 1977 triumph Rumours. I realized that of the many fine songs on that album, the one that most moves me is Dreams, by Stevie Nicks. After listening to it numerous times over the past week I looked it up on YouTube. There is the above very good video of Stevie Nicks herself, but then I began looking at covers. I found several I liked, and among them was this one, by Jessie Cole.

Dreams by Stevie Nicks (cover sung by Jessie Cole)
Cholera claims 87 more lives in Somalia
Al-Shabab steps up war propaganda (Afrique en ligne)
UNICEF mission in East Africa-NIghtline Report