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Saturday, April 14

*A Face in the Crowd*

the classic 50's film directed by Elia Kazan portraying corrupt and manipulative practices emerging in the early days of tv, echoes pungently recent newsworthy events concerning the descent of the infamous Imus (not to speak of the film's many other prophetic aspects such as anticipating the significance of media talk show hosts in the explosive growth of the evangelical movement, with its similarity to the Nazi movement of the 1930's.)

In the final scenes, character Mel Mller (played by Walter Matthau) says to Lonesome Rhodes (Andy Griffith): "What's going to happen to you, I'll tell you what's going to happen to you. You'll get a show alright, but it won't be a major network like you had before. Some station after a little while will say, 'L'et's try him again. He was big.' You'll have an audience,but it won't be hundreds of millions you had before . You'll make money, but it won't be the same kind of money..."

Friday, April 13


To dismiss minor pains is to savor small pleasures.


When cooking up ideas, ambition is the flame but patience is the chef.

Wednesday, April 11

New work from harry k stammer on PFS Post (edited by Adam Fieled)

PFS Post


On My Desk

Tom Beckett, *Unprotected Texts:Selected Poems, 1978-2006*, Meritage
""& I feel like a sentence/trapped in the body/of a paragraph"

Elaine Equi, *Ripple Effect*, Coffee House
"even if you don't know a thing/ about poetry,/at least help me decide/what to wear."

Brenda IIjima/Austin Publicover,*Council of Worms*, CD, Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs
"before language you could always whimper"

Catherine Imbroglio, *Parts of the Mass*, Burning Deck
"The rhythm and interval between objects"

Jonathan Lethem, *You Don't Love Me: A novel*, Doubleday,
"The band didn't have a name yet, though they'd discussed it hundreds of times."

David Markson, *The Last Novel*, Shoemaker Hoard
"People are exasperated by poetry which they do not understand, and cotemptuous of poetry they do understand without effort.
Said Eliot"

Douglas Messerli, *My Year 2005: Terrifying Times*, Green Integer
"I realized that, in a sense, language never quite stopped in the Austin's house"

Bob Perelman, IFLIFE, Roof
"Avant-garde is middle aged, but romanticism is forever young. Dorian Gray"

Jordan Stempleman, *What'sThe Matter*, Otoliths
"drawing past brackets for a source,/ the companion of a modern poem/sounds in the bits from turbulent men,/no clear end the language trades to see"

David Shapiro, *New and Selected Poems (1965-2002), Overlook
"James Bond's girl friend/Lay in bed, having/a bad dream during a thunderstorm"

Nico Vassilakis, *Diptychs*, Otoliths
"Beckett's Weather"

Nico Vassilakis, *Ring*, Nine Muses Books
"the ease at which/your every effort gets/absorbed into history"

mark young, *the allegreza sydrom*, Otoliths
"The Iranians lay claim half the floor of the Caspian sea....The Anericans want to build a pipeline across the floor of the Caspian"

Bill Zavatsky, *theories of rain and other poems*, Sun
"I have built the rain/alone in my room"

Bill Zavatsky, *Where X Marks the Spot*, Hanging Loose
"Oh, I must have also/ failed poetry somehow! What am I/
going to do?"

Tuesday, April 10

Honor Thy Cast of Thousands (with Tons of Laughs)

Nada and Gary come over to watch The Ten Commandments. Gary reports on that and progress on Elsewhere #3:Toni's Baked Fried Chicken

We had a laugh a minute wisecrack- a- thon watching this classic Bollywood before the fact.

The child in us: perpetually impatient, hurried, earnest, astonished.


Nothing ventured, nothing pained.

Sunday, April 8


Two steps forward, one step horizontal


The perennial paradox: impatient to finish it, wishing it wouldn't end