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Friday, December 19

Old Crap Mulch Pile- Steve Tills (Black Spring)

Poem 12-04-08- Steve Tills

Recent dreams by Chris Tiefel, Ryan Vine, Stan Apps, Anne Boyer, Brian Salchert, Robert Kelly and Anne Gorrick on
Annandale Dream Gazette


-from Ron Silliman's Blog Thursday, December 18
"3. What other poetry-related blog or website should I check out?

There are so many. But let's point to The Annandale Dream Gazette, the only site I know of devoted to the unconscious of poets."

Thursday, December 18


When things get too complicated the starting point disappears into the tangled pile leaving me in confusion with glum stares.


Count one friend for every time you admitted you were wrong.

Monday, December 15


The successful marvel at what they know and what they've done. The wise are inspired by what they don't know and haven't done.


Monsters detract from our willingness to find something to like in everyone. Maybe we shouldn't let them do that.