Distribution Automatique

Saturday, November 11


The smile of an ambitious soul rarely assures a safe haven.


Frequent disppointment, deception and betrayal induce the kind and warm to join the ranks of the cold and cautious.

Friday, November 10


True, contentment rests within- but it likes to be awakened gently and, even then, only to dance.


Admiration visits; love resides.

Thursday, November 9


The interminable night of rage shuns the mirror in the morning.


Hatred seeks contempt but escapes kindness.

Wednesday, November 8


Worry wonders; courage laughs.


Knowledge leads to wisdom but courage finds it.

Tuesday, November 7


Curiosity battles with boredom but love defeats it.


Even the heaviest burdens are buoyant on love's wings.

(for Toni)

Monday, November 6


Malice is spoken in countless barbed dialects and a single lenient one: silence.


Open ridicule wounds; silent derision poisons.