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Monday, April 4

Ego Surfing

My friend the late poet genius Jackson Mac Low used to call googling yourself "ego surfing." Every now and then I still do this to see what bloggers might have linked to on this site. Technorati used to tell me this more easily, but now I have to page through the links to fait accompli on Google.

Thanks to all who have linked here recently! Here is a selection I came across tonight....
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And One For You Also

I WAS NEVER YOUNG (Summer Brown [Scout]

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Where Truth Falls Short

Solvitur Ambulando (Marina Bell)

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Link to Contradicta Quote from Rob Brezsny's Horoscope Blog on blogbabel

“Tutti i tuoi desideri sanno dove andare”, scrive il poeta Nick Piombino, “ma devi dirgli di aprire gli occhi.”


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Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology Quote from Contradicta (Scroll to bottom of page to Pisces)

All your feelings

Free Will Astrology Home Page

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regarder of the cries of the world

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Man Carrying Thing (Wallace Stevens quotes from Subject to Change (in Boundary of Blur [Roof])

Giant Sloth

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News Relating to and from Pensioners (UK)

Free Fall