Distribution Automatique

Saturday, November 25


Reading and writing, that begin as thinking's tutor, end as thinking's master.


Take care not to purposely take the wrong step after you have mistakenly blundered into the right one.

Friday, November 24


Everything that feeds joy has been nursed by patience.


Gratitude is the child of kindness and the blossom of wisdom.

Monday, November 20


Our stories are the hands we need to grasp the truths of life and the arms we use to hold it close.


The mind's truth needs fiction's face.

Sunday, November 19

*Original Presence* by Laynie Browne

Octopuswoman [click here]
is one of 12 illustrations by Toni Simon from Laynie Browne's new book of poetry *Original Presence* just published by Shivastan [click here] on handmade paper in Nepal.

"Upon recitation of the verses of the sea
Listeners gather their hems above the salty foam"

The mind's truth needs fiction's face.