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Saturday, February 12

Everything for Everybody

Every now and then, a link appears
on my site meter that
jumps out at me. Today I noticed

eye peasant-written creation links {click here}.

and sure, especially around
::fait accompli's:: birthday time,
I was happy to see we were listed.

But also, something about that list of links, and
also probably because I'm reading
Bob Dylan's autobiography right now, I was
reminded of something that only could have happened
in the 60's called
Everything for Everybody {click here}.
Everything for Everybody
was an idea that
reeked of hope, that sent
out good vibes whenever
you saw the name.

I also thought of it because I noted
Josh Corey's (Cahiers de Corey) {click here}
disappointment to see so many blogs close
down recently.
Blogging reminds me a lot of
*Everything for Everybody* because
nearly anyone
who wants to can participate,
and because the emphasis is
on freely giving and sharing; just the thought
of it seems an impossibility right now, but,
there it is, and here we are! The point is to
enjoy it while we have it, and welcome new
bloggers and blogs. And that's the idea behind
eye peasant-written creation links {click here}.
As in the 60's- we are everywhere! So just
let them find us!

Friday, February 11

Today is Our Second Birthday!

::fait accompli:: opened on 2/11/03 with this post

first post {click here}

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::fait accompli::

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Monday, February 7

Paging Dr. Mayhew, paging Dr. Mayhew!

of Bemsha Swing {click here}.

Dr Jonathan Mayhew says he got his Ph.D. in Comparative Lit and he knows what he's talking about; he says Bruce Andrews is a hip-hop artist. Well, he may be right. Although i read every word Bruce wrote in the 70's, I read him now about as often as i listen to hip-hop, maybe less, because I hear hip-hop sometimes walking down the street, and on the subway, and I read an Andrews poem now if I come across it for about as long as I willingly listen to hip-hop- about 3 seconds. Except, of course, on the Dave Chappelle show. That is different. But if what you need is kick-ass writing, and you like it in- your-face, then BA is the poet for you.

Also, Dr Mayhew told us he didn't much care for Karl Shapiro, who gave him his only B in college. Now, he tells me, he doesn't remember what he said about KS. I took out a book of Karl Shapiro's essays recently from the library and it made me want to vomit. Possibly the most dogmatic, narrow-minded baloney I've read in years. Glad I didn't buy it.

Keep those prescriptions coming, Dr Mayhew!
I Sure As Hell Need A Laugh Department

Donald Barthelme on the Rise of Capitalism

Barthelme {click here}

via wood s lot {click here}

Sunday, February 6

*still. harmless enough*
*here. and here*
*tattoos .all kinds*
(all from *finish your phrase*2003)
*first line index.03*

are three stunning page turner chapbooks by Brother Tom Murphy whose
finish your phrase {click here} remains one of the most compulsively readable weblogs on the internet. Prescribed for all that ails you. Read one, three times a day, and call me in the morning!

published by
Cat Press
999 mclinley avenue
mundelein, illinois 60060

(from *here. and here*)

"can you for once give up the lines...a ploy
to convince no one...that yr modern enough...
unsingable lines...without artsong credentials...
lines...sizzling to waukegan...taking no chances...
in a book...yr theory went blue...and coughed blood"