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Saturday, February 5


Didi Menendez' Portraits of Poets Blog.

PLease check out her portrait of yours truly and many others!

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Christian Marclay's 24 Hour Movie of Film Clips
Free at the Paula Cooper Gallery

An Interview with Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay has created a unique mode of cinematic time travel. The film consists of 24 hours of film clips from films across the decades. Each clip contains one or more references to the time at the moment of screening. This is a wonderful kind of "fait accompli" overlapping. Just as I blogged from across the decades, using a day in my journals corresponding to the day I was blogging, the Marclay film uses moments of films with explicit references on clocks and watches from across the temporal spectrum of films corresponding to the current moment of time. As might be expected, and occurred with fait accompli, the synchronicities are constant, and fascinating. I loved it! This is a unique don't miss opportunity. I was also delighted to see, as Toni and I left the theater (we came back after dinner) the amazing artist Fred Tomaselli, who showed recently at the Brooklyn Museum, had signed the book just before me.

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EOAGH Issue Six Peripheral Writing edited by Tan Linl