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Saturday, June 16

Two Summer Recommendations

Toni and I are off to Chelsea today, but last night's jaunts are worth telling you about. We saw
The Shapes of Space at the Guggenheim and Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare Theater in Central Park. Total cost: $2 with $7 more for the chicken sandwich we ate during the en'tracte at the play.

Both events were very enjoyable. They led to a lively discussion regarding Ontology. The R & J is the first in 40 years in the park. Mercutio and Juliet were terrific and all the parts were played well.


An Invitation from Simon Pettet

Friday June 22 at 7.00 pm.

You are cordially invited...


will be reading

at the Bowery Poetry Club

308 Bowery, NYC 10012 (212.614.050)
between. Bleecker & Houston,
(F or V to 2nd Ave / 6 to Bleecker Street )

For Farfalla Press Free Broadsides for the first 50 attendees! -

Friday, June 15

Blogkatie Blog

Another Katie Degentesh type subway experience. Heading for Manhattan on the #3 train I kept trying to read my book and getting interrupted by these long spiels by the conductor over the loudspeaker system. Just as I began getting bored with his cloying and cheerful "have a nice day" he added: "As the hotdog man said to the Zen Master, 'make me one with everything.'

Tuesday, June 12

New review of *fait accompli* (Factory School)


I am deeply grateful to Guillermo Parra for the work he has put into this special review.

Monday, June 11


Among the greatest sources of happiness is to possess the means within to resist unhappiness.


Without the capacity to distinguish the trivial from the crucial, wisdom is useless.

Sunday, June 10


The novice plays to the invited guests, the master plays to the gallery.


Listen well to the disputes of the philosophers within yourself, but never sit at their feet.

Thanks to Jordan Stempleman for the link to
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including *Free Fall*
to Lally's Alley for Another quote
to This cruellest month for the link to James Sherry's classic "She''ll be comin' round
and to
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