Distribution Automatique

Friday, October 20


The dream of justice is a rare balm for the wounded giant, humankind.


The cruel teach the kind how to hide their pain so as to corrupt and enlist them in their ranks.

Thursday, October 19


Acknowledge every part and the whole will shine.


To value the useless finds its apotheosis in the farthest realms of art. But this is not the same as feeling useless.

Wednesday, October 18


To tolerate one's own suffering or that of others without trying or at least wishing to reduce it is itself a kind of evil because, as suffering grows, so does evil.


Celebrities who are prolific and talk freely inspire affection because they give the impression that at any moment they might blurt out the secrets of their success.

Tuesday, October 17


Strength is as important for love as kindness since it is as crucial to challenge the neglect of those whose love we want as it is to challenge our own neglect of those who want our love.


Perhaps before photography, prior to the omnipresence of the pose, people looked- and therefore felt- more like themselves.

Monday, October 16


Those that are too easily embarrassed are at the mercy of those that embarrass too easily.


The high tides of triumph recede in the face of the first waves of regret.