Distribution Automatique

Sunday, January 25

OCHO 21, published by CASA MENENDEZ is now available

with poets: Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Laynie Browne, Abigail Child, Joe Elliot, Laura Elrick, Elizabeth Fodaski, Joanna Fuhrman, Anthony Hawley, Drew Gardner, Jessica Grim, Michael Lally, Douglas Messerli, Bill Marsh, Christina Strong

Nick Piombino (Editor) Toni Simon (Cover artist)



Nada replies to my question about how Japan has changed:

"I noticed on my last two visits there that Japan, already techno-sleek, was getting even techno-sleeker. On the train, it seemed that everyone was writing a cellphone novel. More trains are equipped with screens showing commercials, news flashes, weather reports, etiquette reminders (a lot of these in Japan!), etc..." More...