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Friday, March 11

"We are truly fed up
with mental machines of peace & war
nuclear monoxide brains, cancerous computers
motors sucking our hearts of blood
that once sang the choruses of natural birds!
We've had enough dynamos and derricks
thud-thud-thudding valves & pulleys
of the Devil Mankin's invention/And soon
if they aren't *silenced*
and we survive the sacrifical altars
of the automobile god and the vulvas of steel
spitting molecular madness

if the complete crowd-manacled Machine
isn't *dissolved, back into the Earth*
from where its elements were stolen/
*we shall call on*
the Great Ocean Wave
Neter of waters
and the king of Atlantis & his snake-spirits
otherwise known as/Orcus/Dagon & Drack!
to send up calamitous tidal waves
-a thousand feel high if need be-
to bury all the monster metal cities
and their billion, bullioned wheels of chemical death!..."

*Selected Poems 1943-1966*, City Lights #20

Phillip Lamantia
10/23/27- 3/11/05

Tuesday, March 8

Gary Sullivan's Koan


What was the last poem you read that made you question a previously held

Send poem title, author, and belief-in-question to:

gpsullivan at hotmail dot com

I'm compiling a list that I'll post on my blog in a couple of days. Feel
free to pass this question along to others.



Monday, March 7

Poems About Autism

The following link from ::fait accompli:: is included in the
site Poem About Autism {click here}

7/21/01 Things resting in their place {click here}

A poem from the Autism site by Daniel Janes (1985-2003) Dark Matter {click here}
We received the following correction from reader DW regarding yesterday's post on Bob Marley:

"That piece was actually written by Haille Selassie the emperor of Ethiopa who said it during a speech at the United Nations in NYC. Bob Marley accepted no credit for it but set it to music and the titled the song War! "

Sunday, March 6

Bob Marley on Racism and War

A member of the poetics list posted this link to Bob Marley's powerful
indictment against racism and war:

Bob Marley {click here}