Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 11


Again you were challenged by that callous friend- who always inquires how you are when you meet- but never seems to notice how you feel when you part.


Solve global cooling global warming will follow.

Friday, March 10


Truth cloaks itself in paradox, lies in deception, poetry in obscurity, love in self-effacement. Everything important remains masked.


Those that can no longer be surprised lose the capacity to surprise. By being predictably astonishing, some console themselves.

Thursday, March 9


There is one mountain that will never be scaled: the height of arrogant stupidity.


When you've been duped do something quickly, but make your plan slowly.

Wednesday, March 8


Nothing is easy until you do it every day.


The secret of generosity is to know how to rest.

Tuesday, March 7


Friends are like angels, wonderfully givng and kind,
but mostly invisible or flying off somewhere.


If we only knew how much others needed us
we might let ourselves need them.

Monday, March 6


The fewer the notes the greater the melody.


Originality- having the boldness to exhale what everyone else inhales.