Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 29


About the same time a generation of men perceive how uncertain their fathers are they prepare for war.


Violence enrages but the numb and frozen aftermath is silent.

Friday, April 28


To want to do most things you have to do creates energy and invites contentment.


Sharpen your mind's teeth on your mistakes.

Thursday, April 27


The pleasure in viewing the belongings of the great masters derives from the inability to believe that they did things in the same way and places that everyone else does.


My father never spoke so now I can't stop listening.

[for Tom Beckett]

Wednesday, April 26


Aphorisms remind us there is more to be understood in a world that suggests mostly there is more to be owned.

[for Jordan Davis]


Everything can be known in an instant. That's all there ever was.

Tuesday, April 25


The center will not hold-no matter-everything is in orbit anyway-keep turning.


Celebrate your sensitivity-don't be numb.The greatest danger in the world's ever increasing intrusiveness lies in accepting it.

Monday, April 24


The first inkling is that no one else seems to understand what you want. Then you realize you do not know. Then you know.


The movement of life is like the wind. You can't see it but then a breeze comes along and you notice it's there; or it rushes at you suddenly and almost knocks you off your feet.

Sunday, April 23


When I'm outside I feel more inside myself; when I'm inside I look out.


Ahead of myself, behind the others....