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Sunday, January 9

I will be reading at the Poetry Project with Lisa Robertson in one week
on Wednesday January 19 at 8pm
Toni Simon will be projecting her drawings based on her collage illustrations from

Nick Piombino (with art by Toni Simon) and Lisa Robertson Wednesday Jan 19 at the Poetry Project
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Mimi's Visit

Mimi (Gross), Toni and I visited the Brooklyn Museum today. Both Mimi and Toni love African and Egyptian art and Mimi had many very interesting things to tell us about both. There was a discussion about whether to describe the colorful figure and animal paintings on mummies as cartoon-y (Toni) or cartoon-like (Mimi). The word cartonnage (as I was writing this) was discovered to appear in one of Toni's collages in our collaborative book Contradicta. We had also found this word in a caption regarding one of the mummies. At first, when I saw it in the caption about the mummy, I thought the word was "cartoonage." I had hoped this might settle the debate about the cartoon-y word. Then, we all visited the Feminist Pop-art Show.

Mimi told me about two links of hers. One is the link to the foundation (where she is president of the board) concerning her father Chaim Gross' art and art collection. The other is a link to an art-making course she is now teaching in Baltimore.

The Oddness of Parts

Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation

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This is Visual Poetry by Nico Vassilakis