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Sunday, September 26

Toni Simon reading a selection from her poem Earth After Earth with projected illustrations at the 2cd Avenue vol. 3 Occult issue launch at The Creek and The Cave in Long Island City on Saturday 9/25. Full text with illustrations on the 2cd Avenue Website coming soon! A glimpse of overall editor and event organizer Paulo Javier may be seen at the end of the clip. Paulo Javier announced that Earth after Earth was one of guest editor Alan Clinton's favorites.

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A couple in love are like two trapeze artists: jump, flip, free fall, reach out two hands are there. And for life, if you're lucky, like me.

[for Toni Simon]

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There are ideas whose purpose is to entice the seeker to go in circles; a fruitless search might end by revealing a cruel face behind a mask

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found contradicta

[tattoos on the arm of a cashier at MOMA- 10/2/10- quotes from Charles Bukowski]


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Some people never go crazy- what horrible lives they must lead

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Publishing as an Art Form

Poets and Artists November 2010-Dulce Menendez, editor

On the cover is a painting by Denis Peterson and reading his contributing poem for the painting USA Today is Geof Huth (when the site opens you will hear Geof Huth reading his poem)

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Sheila Murphy interviews Mark Young

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Ned Rorem 5 CD Set- Serebrier Conducts Rorem

Tuesday, October 19 Lincoln Center Barnes and Noble Ned Rorem

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Mark Lamoureux Dance Poems (pdf)

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Steven Fama on Lamoureux' Dance Poems The Glade

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Quixote radio

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