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Wednesday, September 16

Rough, Raw, Rowdy, Ribald, Raucous, Raunchy, Randy, Risky, Rebellious, Resplendent, Reckless, Rich, Robust, Rousing, Rude, Rare, Ravishing, Readable, Real

Lynn Behrendt's Luminous Flux
Lines Chapbooks 2009
23 Linden Avenue
Red Hook, NY 12571

"Am I coarse linen?
A harangued form?
Am I a harpoon or sharp dog?
Do I plunder?
Do I cook words like animal entrails
then serve them
kneeling on a cushion in church?
Are you spear-shaped & plunged?
Does a long chain mail coat clang around your ankles?
Where is your stem? Can we go now?
Can you breathe? Why is everything
Covered in petty Socratic white questions?...
Could anyone wade through my thought-infested marsh?
Can you?
Am I supposed to screw whatever it is you worship & fear?
Am I an instrument for counting or something?
Don't I bleed?...
Do you think I'm a liar?
Are you squinting in the dark?
Sweating hail the size of golf balls?
Is this my hip-thrust hierogram, hinged on everything
That's happened?
Do you not love my corruption and scheming?"

* * * * *
Shampoo #36