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Wednesday, January 4

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with a shiny, squeaky new
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Monday, January 2

Wow! Tom Beckett interviews

Jean Vengua [click here]
e-x v-a-l. This excellent interview
by one of blogworld's favorite
bloggers covers a range of topics
including Jean's poetics, her haunted dreams,
many of her beautiful poems, her terrific blogs,
her experiences with music, and
much more.
Jean is the editor, with Mark Young
of the recent *The First Hay(na)ku

Adds up.
Love isn't math"

(Dan Waber).

You have but 30 days to see

Fra Angelico at the Met [click here]

Toni and I went to see these superb 15th century paintings with Gary and Nada on Friday night, who were very likely not quite as enthused about these thematically Christian paintings as we were (Toni's third visit). As Gary writes in his How to Proceed in the Arts (Faux Press) he is a *third generation* atheist and clearly an enthusiast of Elsewhere cultures; so, Gary and Nada seemed to appreciate the Spirit Photography show and the Indian and the Mayan art more than they liked the Fra Angelico. However, if you enjoy 15th century painting as much as we do, make sure to get over to the Met by the January 29th.

Although I rarely mention movies on ::fait accompli:: I have to mention the movie Nada brought us to: Narnia. Although I generally don't appeciate Tolkien-like movies (this movie is based on books by CS Lewis) it is right up there with King Kong for fascinating special effects; and returns you to childhood in a way I have rarely experienced in movies; next time you get depressed about the state of the world, find a kid or a kid at heart to go with and do check out these incredible feats of animation and special effects. We're lucky to have a vintage movie theatre in walking distance and starting with the transit strike we have been steadily checking out some of the latest feats of commercial filmaking. From Syriana to *Pride and Prejudice* to the aforementioned fantasy world movies, there's some hard work ahead for the Academy Award committees this year. Also, the word is out that the new Woody Allen movie is one of his best in years.