Distribution Automatique

Saturday, May 20


Your fears encompass as much information about your world as your library.


If you make truth a frequent companion, courage will be your friend.

Friday, May 19


To be an artist is to be forever hungry for things you have never tasted, to relentlessly search for things you have never seen and can't understand, to repeatedly and warmly welcome back the most confused, lonely and unfair part of yourself, and the world- all for the singular joy of having something you can only experience by releasing it.


Unforgettable music awakens abandoned hopes and forgotten dreams.

Thursday, May 18


It's the hidden things- like enigmas in dreams- that most often remind us that choices abound.


Start at the beginning- then work back.

Wednesday, May 17


Love restores hope, hope imagination, imagination memory, memory emotion, emotion song.


Truth is a ladder composed of painful steps but at the top one you see from the sky.

Tuesday, May 16


Thought is a delicate thing- nearly anything can interrupt or disturb it- particularly- as with most things- if you take too much at one time.


Come to your own conclusions- or never see anything come to one.

Monday, May 15


Everything is going downhill so fast- but we'll need the momentum- the next slope could be the steepest one yet.


God created the world in 7 days- 3 of them waiting to get online, 2 to clear out the spam, 1 to download and 1 to rest.

Sunday, May 14


Even when today's novels, stories and poems eliminate the plots they never eradicate the twists.


I think I found what I was looking for: looking for.