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Saturday, February 7

Mayhew's Dreams at MOMA

Bemsha Swing (Free subscription) | 05/02/2009
1. I was visiting New York. I went into a large room at the MOMA where there was going to be a poetry reading. I was greeted very warmly by Drew Gardner and Nick Piombino, and it seemed that others were waiting in the wings to greet me as well, probably Gary Sullivan and Jordan Davis and David Shapiro (though Nick in my dream did not look like the real life Nick at all; he had a beard for one thing)....

MOMA news on Wikio (from Bemsha Swing- Jonathan Mayhew)[scroll down]

Googlemania Unmasked

Google Reader: An Abecedarium pt. 1 (Steve Halle)

" It's been over a month now since Nick Piombino published a Contradicta on fait accompli (dec 17). Nick more contradicta that's really the only reason I read your blog. His last Contradicta read thusly:

When things get too complicated the starting point disappears into the google leaving me in confusion with glum hits staring into snowy infinitude.


Count one friend for every time you google yourself."



Lime Tree

Tuesday, February 3


No more importance, only caring and contentment, each among a billion snowflakes falling slowly to the ground.


For every voice found, one listener lost.