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Friday, November 30

The Master's Voice

"Why the work succeeds is because both its discrete as well as its combinatory elements are expressive and not merely 'illustrative'."

Ray DiPalma

Mira Schor

terrific painter and writer, coeditor with Susan Bee of M/E/A/N/I/N/G, author of an excellent book of essays about art titled *Wet* (on painting, feminism and art culture from Duke U), has work in a group show in Williamsburg titled

Air Kissing: An Exhibition Of Contemporary Art About The Art World, curated by Sasha Archibald.

The exhibition is at Momenta Art 359 Bedford Street, between S. 4th and S. 5th, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, through December 17.

Check out Mira Schor's website at:

Mira Schor.com


A view of a previous show of MIra Schor's here:

Smack Mellon Studiios

In January, 2007 someone invited me so I wrote a poem and sent it to Dan Waber a couple of weeks later for his ars poetica website because I liked the idea behind the site. Some time after that I was curious as to why it had not appeared. Dan politely wrote back that he was getting so many submissions that my poem would come out in approximately nine months!

Here is the link for the site (which no doubt most of you have seen, but even if you have, it is certainly worth visiting again): Ars Poetica

and here is the archived link for my poem posted on November 21:
Ars Poetica Archive