Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 1


Those compelled to mock the serious are perhaps not quite sure who will get the last laugh.


You thought you were completely free of scorn until someone's shaft of ridicule pierced your poise.

Friday, March 31


It's comfort- not conscience- that makes cowards of us all.


The bland leading the bland...

Thursday, March 30


They support the "radical" poet who insults and bullies everyone - yet wonder why the President is a fascist.


The verdict is in, the drums are rolling, the executioner is expected - tremble or live?

Wednesday, March 29


Tell your troubles to a dark cloud you get rain.


Cold latitudes proffer cold platitudes.

Tuesday, March 28


The seductive informalities of contemporary life correspond to the ironic formalisms of contemporary art.


Define me by how I think, describe me by what I know, know me by how I feel.

Monday, March 27


Life's conspiracy- perhaps the shadow of desire- an irrepressible aura of incompletion.


What you are thinking is the parrot in the cage of what you are doing.

Sunday, March 26


Treating others as equals demands considerable stamina. Most people prefer to worship and be worshipped- thus the predictable failure of democracies.


No one would credit anyone for anything if not for the compulsive craving for hierarchy.