Distribution Automatique

Saturday, March 18


Our daily Darwin: in order to sustain itself, happiness must remain oblivious to the unhappiness it creates in others


Misery commiserates; the American "pursuit of happiness" decimates.

Thursday, March 16


Without daydreams between them, experiences themselves tend to become overly dreamlike- one displacing another suddenly and with too much logic -like sequences in a film, inexorable and coming to the point too soon.


Ideas come together the way way a body makes itself comfortable. Somewhere, perhaps in the throat, a shoulder or an arm the thought resides. The thought is a link between fragments that might fit together-that want to be together- so they remain immobile until they unite and escape by means of the voice.

Wednesday, March 15


If you are a male, the preponderance of other males will find a way to condescend to you, even with their
dying breath. A panhandler will tell you to "have a nice day" -as if it were theirs to give- or accept your donation with the indifference of a king.


Intelligent response is to acclamation as love is to sex. As the latter grows ever more prevalent and public, the former grows ever more private and rare.

Tuesday, March 14


A significant error provokes reflection; a major blunder demands change; an impossible dilemma reveals your soul.


Yesterday was two days before tomorrow.

Monday, March 13


Acceptance of uncertainty won't banish every qualm but unreasonable demands for certitude will make doubt a steady companion.


Not all information is beneficial. Cultivating a taste for not knowing some things may make for a better day.

Sunday, March 12


Self-destruction may feel like rebellion in a society where weakness and doubt are increasingly looked upon as suspect behaviors.


The more contemporary life demands acquiescence and assent, the harder, and more necessary it is to something, anything, solo.