Distribution Automatique

Tuesday, June 3


This afternoon I was wondering what the cultural artifacts of my theories surfacing in the conscious mind of the world would look like. Today I bought a sweatshirt that pictures a man with Freud and Heavy Metal on the bookshelf behind him and he is saying, "I see no synthesis of poetry and ideology, save in the dialectic between meaning and chance," and his girlfriend is answering, "Where's my dinner you bloody poseur."

I hadn't thought of that.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, that from the viewpoint
of poetics, all actualities
are substantiated forms of poetic
theory. This is true because it is from poetic theory that all other theory derives. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In contemporary science the "elegance" factor is still a central
consideration and in the marketplace
xxxx it is "style" that counts, or plays a
very great role in the success of a product;
in technology scale plays a greater and greater
role as well as authetic and accurate reproducing of the
visual and acoustic image; xxxxxxxxxxxxxx also
immediacy of access and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I have only a few friends, but with those few I am a part of friendship everywhere.


On the subway yesterday-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a think black
man walks by mexxxxxxxxx mumbling to himself,
"He's drunk." A long argument between all
three, the man at the end of the subway
seat, the woman at the other.The conductor
goes back to his xxxxxxbox. Duscussion
between woman and man to my left
blotted out.Then the doors open! Man get
off and says "He's drunk." Next stop
black woman gets off and says "He's drunk."
Then, we talk- the next stop the doors
don't open a long time- open and I say,
"He's drunk."


Perhaps use a Pollack quote at the
beginning of the first article-