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Friday, March 25


No matter how well you get things tied up, eventually parts of it, or all, will start to unravel. The trick is not to let yourself unravel.

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The solution to some problems is so obvious and simple one can only suppose it was the injury that caused them that made them so mesmerizing

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Five former artistic directors of the Poetry Project chat and recall their experiences: Bernadette Mayer, Ed Friedman, Anne Waldman, Eileen Myles, Ron Padgett: Directors Talk

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Thursday, March 24

Happy 92cd Birthday Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A Coney Island of the MInd--Googlebooks

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by Lynn Behrendt

Sunday, March 20

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"The task is not primarily to "think up" a story, but to penetrate the story, to discard the elements that are merely shell, or husk, and that give apparent form to the story but actually obscure its essence. In other words, the problem to is transcend the givens of a narrative."

Reality Hunger, a Manifesto
David Shields, Vintage Books
February 2011

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