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Saturday, March 5

Slope Weather
(poet) reporters: Sandra Doller, Lucas Farrell, Lisa Fishman,
Rick Meier, Sara Mumolo, Brandon Shimoda, Jared Stanley)

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Tom Beckett's sensitive, insightful and moving reviews of Lynn Behrendt's 2 new, beautiful chapbooks from Dusie:

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Books Received

2 Gorgeous chapbooks from Lynn Behrendt

This is the story of Things that Happened (Dusie, 2011)

"Could military strategy, gourmet coffee
and genocide be a story? Is that the story
about the way the world is?
This is not a story about the magical

ray-gun of one rogue investor.
This story is a systematic failure
that we are experiencing.
The American mainstream."

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"we've got this crippled
notion of time and space

and it wounds me
makes me its slave"