Distribution Automatique

Friday, May 26


One truth will produce a thousand lies, one kindness a thousand hurts, one success a thousand uncertainties.


Of all the potions, balms and drugs there is no more powerful elixir than a smile.

Wednesday, May 24


Sufficient exagerration can make any detail of experience fascinating -or frightening- depending on the light.


"The best" is the beast.

Monday, May 22


There can be no secrets between friends when your silence confides as much as your words.


Coincidence is a wink in the eye of eternity.

[For Alan Davies]

I ran into Alan at St Mark's Bookstore yesterday. He asked me what book I was buying. I showed him-"The Neurotic Personality of Our Time* by Karen Horney. He showed me the book he was carrying in his briefcase, the one he is reading with so much pleasure now: same book. He had purchased his hardbound copy at the Strand. I told him I was carrying in my briefcase, Horney's *Our Inner Conflicts*. We had never discussed our shared admiration for this terrfic writer.