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Saturday, May 29

The Trials of Henry Kissinger {click here}
New poem, "Imperfect Pitch" right now on
xzentrick libretti {click here}
from *fait accompli*
one year ago

There *is* something out beyond the edge of the visible universe. It is hearing the ear
thinks, seeing the eye thinks. Out beyond
there where nothing is seen, in a single pulse
the universe repeats itself with every breath.
Normally, the eyes see. But when one is
listening, light itself translates the
signals into bird's movements, strumming air
with its harnessings, transfiguring a past scrap heap
of posturings in the lattices of a sparkling
hesitancy. Dripping with sweat, the angel mutters
to her or himself, down with this, hurling a
strictly documented universe, graduated, gyrated
and expostulated in the grainy
screening-room of history. Lifted high and
carefully deposited on the shelves, the words
stretch and yawn and then start to move, scramble madly, from
one volume and meaning to the next. In a
deft stroke of recognition the words run off the
books- onto the shelves, failing, obstinately, to utter
a sound or thought.
New poll reported by Gary Sullivan (Elsewhere) {click here}
shows that Kerry leads by 50,000%

Once in *Elsewhere* scroll down to
view a gorgeous wedding photo
of the couple whose fiery
email romance is immortalized in
*Swoon* (Granary Books)
Some interesting history of Language writing by
Anne Vickery {click here}
Visualizing Poetics {click here}
is a good looker
(via Really Bad Movies {click here} who
writes about a good book by Anne Waldman about Ted Berrigan {click here})
Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese Create Free Speech Zone in Brooklyn {click here}

Friday, May 28

Acronyms {click here}
via Boynton {click here}
The best of the best blog reviews from
incertain plume {click here}
"coincidentally, latest fait accompli joggles words and plays on the violence of violins while nuclear threat becomes increasingly unclear, while German construction workers write their own Buildingsromans (and, who knows, maybe even Buildingsromances),"
(discussing this poem:
"violence of violins" {click here})
A book of verse, a jug of wine and
Moonshine Highways {click here}
new visual poem
right now on
nonlinear poetry {click here}

Thursday, May 27

Wednesday, May 26

Sometime early this morning, *fait accompli*
reached its first 100,000 hits.

fait accompli
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Tuesday, May 25

Tympan (Tim Yu) {click here}
and The Ingredient (Alli Warren) {click here} continue their extremely cool improvisational duet.

Monday, May 24

notebook: circa, 1987

1) Slipping on and off the track

2) Immediate sensations

3) Coexistent desires

4) Shadowy wishes

5) Urging (this) forward

6) Continuous reconstitution of an experienced
interval (Klebnikov)

7) (This) almost becomes an articulated image (made

8) "Conscious" (me)- my "unconscious" (you)

9) The "return of the repressed"

10) Unwilling subjugation of disbelief- psychology
of everyday life.

11) Centrality of number (this).

12) Buildingroman

13) Bildingsroman

14) The slip (sliding into (onto) the truth).

15) The truth horn- trumpet it out-sliding
metaphors- the trumbone.

16) Violence- violins.

17) "You didn't publish it because
it was only ideas."

18) Contradictions- the persistence
of memory.

19) Continuous cries of birds (mild)

20) Deliberate cultivation of the
non-literal & the incomplete=
almost enough.

21) Mother alive- me alive.

22) The dance of the intellect.

23) The non(existence) of the singular.
This is the social.
24) No *particular* thought unattached
to the others. Observations construct.

25) Sigh- ence.

26) Impatient meanderings "of" "the" double.

27) Important (impotent) meanings of the

28) Insufficient circumstance
(film version).

29) Enlarged details- still shot-
short commotion.

30) Vanishing structure- dare to
be different (Blake).

31) Misfortunes. Loneliness. Poverty.
Racism. Sexism. "Insufficient funds."

32) Inspiration= chemical response
to material.

33) Pictures at an exhibition.

34) Un-pause. Ur-pause.

35) Application= Signification.

36) Drummer- march to a different.

37) Meanings in a dictionary.

38) Limits of tens.

39) Superimpositions of the whole

40) Largesse- mis*prision*-
non-chalant, nonce. Notary.

42) Micronarrative, in-folding,

43) Anxiety- distorted breathing,
imposition of hurt (chirping).

44) Decade- decadent.

45) Cadence, corece, conscience.
The last pronounced in France

46) Semi-circular. Begin again.
Begin the beguine. Again the sanguine.

47) Sorter- sort of. Syballine,
syllabic, centrifugal, fulsome,

48) Arbeiten, our bite in.

49) Center frugal.

50) Writing- contrast the whole to
the specific. Condensation of
word-moisture on surface exposed
to heat or coolness. Interaction of,
exchange of energy.

51) Immerse the film in water (Brakhage).

52) Which character is which
character? Who said this?

53) Nuclear- unclear.

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Sunday, May 23

notebook: 1/17/84

We can hypothesize that attention
functions similarly to light.

Does the attentional beam have a

The poem has a causal structure-
this structure causes an effect in
the attentional system.

Apprehension precedes comprehension-
less abstract-----------more abstract

The causal structure of the poem
is that which effects first
the attentional system (at the level
of apprehension-) and secondly the mnemonic
system (at the level of comprehension)

The error of this is to equate the
attentional system (or ignore it) in favor
of the pre-conscious system

This mobility of the attentional
system increases the------------

A poem is an object with
an inexhaustible--------number of possible-
meanings- thus as an object it
has a causal structure (Cartwright
and Mendell)

Poetics and psychoanalysis are
scientific (explanatory) to the
extent that their theoretical formulations
focus on objects with a causal
structure. [But a structure cannot
cause anything w/o an interactive
principle] that is, their effects may
be traced and explained by some functional
intrinsic in their structure.

Poems cause the mental attentional function to
behave within certain predictable ways

In order to understand an abstract
entity it is necessary to understand the
effect such an object has on attention
(apprehension) and understanding
(comprehension). The interplay of the
abstract and concrete in
the experience of attending to paintings and poems
has to do
with the experiential overlay & interplay of

Attentional beam--------"wavelength"
crystal diode-----------"wavelength"
"Something" in mental functioning
which is like a crystal diode
in the physical universe
Freud's "Topological Theory"-----Math/physics
"Structural theory"--------------Physics/linguistics

Dreaming "refracts" thought-waves the way
a crystal diode refracts light waves
which acts as a rectifier for the
attentional beam- this is
consistent with using the funtioning
& structure of complex material
objects (constructed
objects for external perception)
as metaphorical objects to understand
mental processes
Ululations (Nada Gordon) {click here}
Beautiful photos of Nada's bridal henna.
Today, the wedded couple celebrate
with friends.