Distribution Automatique

Thursday, June 8


Until you try hope remains in limited supply.


Let your arms grow longer every day and there will be more to hold.

Tuesday, June 6


First I embraced my doubts like they were my closest friends and they betrayed me. Then I learned to send them away quickly, with few words, like a known enemy, and they deceived me. Now I greet them warily and entertain them for awhile hoping to persuade them to tell me why they came. Until I extract their secrets-even if I banish and forget them- they will haunt me to the end of my days


You can't be sure until it's done but then how you did it is already a memory.

Monday, June 5


Sadness and joy are not two different songs, but two different refrains of the same song.


When you can't find the time to get lost in thought you lose your mind.

Sunday, June 4


Who can believe the bellowing blasts of bravery's brass band realizing they are mainly meant to crush or subdue the stricken sighs of insignificance within?


These days life explodes like a thunderclap but still the clouds move gently.