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Friday, September 26

Between: The Art of Collaboration, by Douglas Messerli

Green Integer Blog

Some years ago, Douglas Messerli invited a group of poets to send him poems linking his work to theirs, in many instances writing through poems he had written incorporating their work into his. As part of a mammoth ongoing memoir project, each book encompassing one year of his life, Douglas here writes about the year 2000, the year in which he launched this project, that included a poem of my own, based on work of his.


Some months ago, Geof Huth courageously blogged about his open heart surgery, a post that included photos of the event. Here Douglas MesserIil writes about his recent prostate surgery, an operation that strangely followed his writing a beautiful piece about his father's death of that disease.

Wednesday, September 24


There is imagining without doing and there is doing without imagining. Neither require much in the way of patience or courage.


You can chart a world of nuance between harsh and firm, between certainty and empathy, between the truth and what is apropos.