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Saturday, November 6

From A Reader's Contribution
BuzzFlash {click here}

"We have to be like the few in Germany who held on to the truth and their humanity through the darkest times. Like those who worked in the resistance. Who hid Jews at their own peril, because it was the right thing, the sane thing, to do. Who looked at the truth head on and survived with their sanity and their humanity bruised but intact. We have to be Fair Witnesses to the truth around us, never giving in to the easy and comfortable propaganda that let's us off the hook. That starts with a brutally honest look at what just happened."
Refried Oracle Phone {click here} closes the gap on voter fraud
Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked

Common Dreams.org {click here}
Want More?...

A little time travel on

Diebold's Political Machine

Mother Jones {click here}

via Buzzflash {click here}
Global Research {click here}
via Suny/Buffalo Poetics List
Simply Had It?

The Scoop on Immigrating Into Canada

Caterina {click here}
Bush as Cult Leader on a Murderous Rampage to "Cleanse" the world
Check out the definitions on *Cults 'r Us*

Cults 'R Us {click here}
"In a thousand years/if there's History/
America'll be remembered/as a nasty little Country/
full of Pricks.../Fascism in America:-/...Civilization's
breaking down!"

Allen Ginsberg
Fall, 1970
*The Fall of America*
City Lights, 1972

Baghdad Burning {click here}

United for Peace and Justice {click here} | 212-868-5545
Speak Out Against the Imminent Assault on Falluja!
* contact your local media outlets to denounce the planned attack
* call the White House to express your outrage: 202-456-1111
* get ready for street protests should the full-scale assault begin

Does the Bush administration plan to destroy Falluja in order to save it?

News reports indicate that the Bush administration will soon launch a major military assault on Falluja. More than 10,000 U.S. soldiers are amassing on Fallujah‚s outskirts, and U.S. warplanes are already bombing neighborhoods around the city.

If the U.S. carries out this assault, it will dramatically increase violence and chaos in Iraq. It will not bring about the peace and security that Iraqis greatly desire. The military occupation has already fueled anger and resentment against the U.S. and swelled the ranks of terrorist groups. We need to bring the troops home now and adopt a new approach that will move us toward peace, sovereignty, and security.

Military officials believe Falluja is the home of the nation-wide insurgency. Their goal in this assault is to induce other insurgent-held cities to capitulate before scheduled elections in January, and send a message to all Iraqis that opposition to the occupation has a high price.

U.S. officials and U.S.-installed Prime Minister Allawi say their only goal is „to liberate the people and to bring the rule of law to Falluja.‰ But when the U.S. military besieged Falluja last April, at least 600 Iraqis were killed, most of them civilians. Given the scale of the threatened assault, far more Iraqi civilians could be killed this time around, as well as many U.S. and Iraqi soldiers.

We will be sending you more information, resources, and calls to action should Falluja in fact suffer a major attack. But in the meantime, we urge you to begin raising a loud public outcry against the Bush administration‚s planned assault.


Flood your local media outlets with messages of opposition to the impending assault on Falluja. Write letters to the editor and send in opinion pieces. Call in to your local talk radio stations. Ask reporters if they would like to interview an anti-war activist.

- Call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1111. The switchboard operator will likely forward you to the White House comment line, but you can only leave a message there Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. If you can‚t get through, leave your message with the operator. It‚ll make it to the President.
- Leave a webmail message at https://sawho14.eop.gov/PERSdata/intro.htm . Be sure to select „write a differing comment,‰ „National Security,‰ and „Iraq.‰

If the assault on Falluja or any other major military escalation takes place in Iraq, we will need to be as visible and vocal as possible with our antiwar message. Make sure your group or organization is aware of what's happening; start planning local protest activities and post them on our calendar: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/calendar_gxinput.php

If you are not already in a group, visit the UFPJ web site to locate an organization near you: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?list=type&type=27

Get up-to-date news from Iraq at http://www.occupationwatch.org/ . Be sure to join Occupation Watch‚s email list.

For more information on the Falluja build-up, see these articles:

Disgusted by Bush‚s election? Get active!
* Visit http://www.unitedforpeace.org for links to events and groups
* Order our „Say No to the Bush Agenda‰ flags and shirts at
* Donate at http://www.unitedforpeace.org/donate to enable us to keep fighting back
http://www.unitedforpeace.org | 212-868-5545
To subscribe, visit http://www.unitedforpeace.org/email


Friday, November 5

I Hate This Rotten World- But I'm Still Happy About This:
Two Bloggers Have Reviewed My Chapbook *Hegelian Honeymoon*

In the past few days, two bloggers, one who I've met in person
only once, and the other whom I've only met online have
reviewed my tiny book of 18 haiku. I couldn't bring myself
to tell you all something I'm glad about but I can't resist
one more moment. Thanks, Ernesto Priego and thanks,
Jay Thomas.

*Much More Than An Avalanche of Words*
Never Neutral (Ernesto Priego) {click here}

*hegelian honeymoon, memory*

Bad With Titles {click here}

Thanks also to Evelio Rojas for his "Warming Thoughts"
about *Hegelian Honeymoon*
Blindheit {click here}

"In the age of the concentration camp, castration
is more characteristic of social reality than

Theodore Adorno
Quoted in *Adorno*
by Martin Jay

pubished in *Theoretical Objects* (Green Integer, 1999)
A message from Heriberto Yepez

Mexperimental {click here}
Post-Election Blues

Talking it over with Tim Peterson

Mappemunde {click here}l

Thursday, November 4

Shoddy Wares

"The world is dosed with too much religion. Life is to
be learned from life, and the professional moralist is
at best but a manufacturer of shoddy wares. At the
ultimate remove, God or the life force, if anything,
is an equation, and at its nearest expression for man-
the contract social- it is that also. Its method of
expression appears to be that of generating the
individual, in all his glittering variety and scope,
and through him progressing to the mass with its
problems. In that end a balance is invariably
struck wherein the mass subdues the individual
or the individual the mass- for the time being. For,
behold, the sea is ever dancing or raging.

In the mean time there have sprung up social words
and phrases, expressing a need of balance- of
equation. These are right, justice, truth, morality,
an honest mind, a pure heart- all words meaning
a balance must be struck. the strong must not be too strong-
the weak not too weak. But without variation how could the
balance be maintained? Nivana! Nirvana! The ultimate,
still, equation."

from *The Titan*
Theodore Dreiser
Cooperation and Destiny

After the attacks of 9/11/01, much of my
thought got focused around the concept
of competition. At the time it seemed
incredibly urgent to try to understand
this concept, because the situation is
increasingly a threat to human survival.

Freud's theory of the Oedipus Complex
might be the basis for a further understanding
of this all important issue. Freud believed that
the Oedipus Complex was based on early
childhood sexual jealousy of the same sex
parent, competitiveness that led to unconscious rage and
murderous aggression. This could only
be neutralized by understanding and gentle
and receptive handling on the part of the
parents; otherwise the child might continue
to suffer from fears of castration as a result
of projected aggression.

Part of the difficulty in conceptualizing a theory
of competition is connected to a limitation in the
contemporary concept of cooperation that binds it to
the idea of team effort. Most cooperation is
only slightly removed from the force of'
competitiveness because team effort
is invariably related to contests. Elections
are contests. Even most scientific work
is done by teams under the aegis of particular
corporations or universities, or other
institutions that encourage, expect
and demand team competitiveness.

Almost universally there exists the idea
of open competition as a positively
motivating spirit. But there is little idea
of free and open cooperation as a motivating
spirit. It is urgent for the survival of humanity
that an concept of cooperation
should come to be understood
as an exciting and motivating
source of energy, in the sense of
an enthusiastic, open exchange
of ideas leading and guiding each other towards the
germination and fertilization
of discoveries, and, ultimately, strengthening
transformations, particularly in the realm
of human relationships, and the human relationship
to the non-human environment.
Bringing cooperation further into play
in human work, of course, would not
and could not eliminate competitive feelings.
To return briefly to the Oedipal Complex
mentioned above, competitive feeling
is part and parcel in the "arena" of
sexuality. Since notions of sexuality
are being transformed over time, fundamentalists
of all stripes long for a return to a less
complicated way of life. Since this is
not truly possible, regression has brought
about increased focus on feelings
and issues surrounding competition,
which in turn have brought about
increased conflicts engendering
anger, rage, and ever-increasing extremely
and dangerously threatening
cycles of aggression, violence and
destructiveness. This is a dangerously
transitional era; because of these circumstances
there is an urgent, even desperate need
to understand the underpinnings of
cooperative effort. The gender issues
underlying this, in turn, necessitate
an evolution of the complexities
in the working relationships between men
and women, men and men and women and women.
In turn, this involves much greater empathy
in listening and understanding the "other."
The urgency in bringing this understanding about
cannot be exagerrated. Those that are
capable of obtaining insight into this
dilemma and helping others to explore
and communicate about this have a great
opportunity to bring about much needed
amelioration of painful conflict, that in turn
can evolve hopefulness and real change.
Weblogs like transdada (kari edwards) {click here}
offer invaluable information and observations
demonstrating how just how urgent
these issues have become.

Wednesday, November 3

A Day in the Life of An Ongoing Apocalypse

Early this morning I thought about what to
post on *fait accompli* after a devastating
night like last night. Then I remembered
the writing of Susan Smith Nash, whose
grasp of unrequited love on the grand
scale such as we have just witnessed is
something that might help a bit. I couldn't
get into Blogger and had to leave early for the day
and I just got home. Here's a little SSN style
balm for apocalyptic agony-as much as I can type
in right now before a very late 9:30 pm dinner.

from *Channel-Surfing the Apolcalypse: a day
In the life of the fin-de-mlllennium mind* by
Susan Smith Nash (Avec Books, 1996)

"That night, she couldn't sleep. So, she sat in front of
her computer, staring for hours into the lifeless,
blue-gray screen, wondering what kind of pull it had
over her. If anything, it was the pull and promise of
communication- the possibly vain hope that words
were made of the stuff of stars and not of lifeless
moon or fallen earth.

If she could construct a moon and stars with her
words, she would put life back into the moon, and
a simple, quiet hope in his heart- that any time they
fall prey to the fluctuations of lunar tides or earthly
perturbations, they could sit outside on a patio,
drink champagne, devour quesadillas, watch the
moon rise, and feel its gravity pull love back into
their minds and hearts.

Perhaps it was too much to ask of an inanimate hunk
of rock- of a moon, a pile of space debris, or any
other satellite.

That night, the tides in Tampa set a record high as
a tropical storm dissolved itself over its beaches,
leaving a sky as moonlit as memory trapped in the
heart of pain and separation."
One In the Hand

Need a break from the pundits and talking heads?
Try a little poetry- a little thought-provoking poetry, that is

Mappemunde (Tim Peterson} {click here}

Tuesday, November 2

Zogby's Final Prediction

Electoral College Landslide for Kerry

311 votes for Kerry
213 for Bush

a couple of states still in play, according to Zogby

Zogby {click here}
Buzzflash Early Exit Polls {click here}


The Elephant Never Forgets- To Cheat {click here}
Election Protection Hotline:
1-866-MYVOTE1 to report problems
1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683) for immediate legal assistance
via Eschaton {click here}
CNN is Over If You Want It

Air America Radio {click here}

After the first step you forget the steps.

published in *Theoretical Objects* (Green Integer, 1999)

Zogby's latest poll- Kerry's ahead in 4 pivitol states {click here}
A huge number of Americans, after spending today worrying about
who will be elected President, will spend tomorrow worrying how
to pay their bills
Working Poor in the US {click here}
Blogs Underreported in Mainstream Media-Eminem releases Anti-Bush Video (Underreported.com) {click here}

Monday, November 1

Structure is strong. This is why it seems beautiful.
But the beauty is not in the structure. It is in the

notebook: 1/1/88
published in: *The Boundary of Blur*'
(Roof, 1993)
The Vogue for Literary Time Travel Continues

Cahiers de Corey {click here}
discovers Alan Davies' 1990 book Candor (O Press) {click here}

Sunday, October 31

OOO That Sha- hakespearian Rag

Saturday afternoon's reading at the Bowery Poetry Club
was excellent. David Larsen, who was introduced with an original
flarf poem by Mr. Flarf himself, Gary Sullivan, and who performs his work
without a script, seemed to emanate a Shakespearian
quality, according to audience member Gilbert Adair-
we agreed! Funny, witty, charming, relevant, enigmatic,
the audience response indicated that with Larsen on
the BPC stage, a good time was clearly had by all
including, by the way-psst-James Sherry, publisher of
Roof Books {click here}
whose Segue Foundation sponsors the series that will reach
its 30th birthday in two years; Hassen-
introduced by Nada Gordon by means of some quite wittily
employed physics texts very recently cribbed from the
WWW, set the stage for the Holloween festivities by evoking
narrratives from the Salem witch trials, with a sardonically satiric
and mysteriously charismatic reading style rife
with rich contemporary political implications-
presented us also with some timely political either/ors that
offered some apt comic relief from the unbearably
suspenseful tensions building up as we approach political ground zero
on November 2cd.
Daylight Savings Day Time Travel

Blogger hipster David Hess is back on the scene again,
at the moment with a bit of poetics time travel by means of
Wallace Stevens, and-wow- Ron...not Silliman
but Padgett's poetry anthology, co-edited in the late 60's
by David Shapiro- Hess evokes hilarious and
wise Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge, DA Levy and others

Heathens in Heat {click here}

An interesting article about John Kerry

About John Kerry {click here}

The Samhain Page {click here}

via $xaverenah$ {click here}<./a>
Front Room Gallery Presents:
Political Advertisement VI

Monday, November 1st at 8:00 pm

Muntadas and Marshall Reese will present their latest edition of Political Advertisement VI 1952-2004. This one-hour, 15 minute videotape spans 50 years of Presidential campaign spots. This is the sixth version in an ongoing twenty-year project, which Muntadas and Reese have revised, expanded, and updated with every major election.

This fascinating anthology, includes advertisements from the 2004 presidential campaign. It documents the selling of the American presidency. As Muntadas and Reese trace the development of the TV "spot" what emerges is the political strategy and manipulative marketing technique of the American televisual campaign process.
Political Advertisement includes many rare spots, some never before seen, edited without commentary. An endless stream of candidates, from Dwight Eisenhower to John Kerry, is paraded in public and sold like commercial products.

The Front Room is at 147 Roebling St.
(on the corner of Roebling and Metropolitan).
For more information please contact:
Daniel Aycock
(718) 782-2556
This Just In- Further Translations and Commentary on my
Chapbook *Hegelian Honeymoon* from Friends in Mexico   

Warming thoughts from Evelio Rojas:
La Luna De Miel Hegellana ContinĂșa

Blindheit: clairty is overrated {click here}

Thanks, Evelio!
And still another Miel Hegeliana translation from Ernesto Priego
who, as well as being very kind is
Never Neutral {click here}