Distribution Automatique

Friday, October 6


Fame is a restless, fickle friend whose flame is greatest near its end.


Those fruits of thought that ripen slowly are eaten quickly.

Thursday, October 5


The long journey shorter, the heavy load lighter, temper tamed- forget yourself.


That fool is wise who forgot everything except how to laugh.

Wednesday, October 4


As a child they looked up to them, and later straight in the eye; in their middle years smiled smugly down on them; now they shake their heads and sigh.


Modesty protects friendship, pride destroys it.

Tuesday, October 3


Celebrated names and deeds are so widely remembered, personal help and kindness so readily forgotten.


Earnestness, the child of conscience, is ignored, sarcasm, a descendant of malice, applauded.

Sunday, October 1


The unbending competitive drive that facilitates taking pleasure in condescending to or disparaging some, while glorifying others, joins stealing elections, the Bush crowd, torture and terrorism in that horrific, intractable slide towards dismantling democracy.


Equality plus empathy equals nobility.