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Thursday, January 7


Even time stops for a moment, to bow, astonished, to real happiness.

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Poetry abides in paradox: Too much is too little, too loud is too soft, too heavy is too light, totally deciphered by none, contemplated by all.

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Don Share, editor of Poetry Magazine, reviews Ray DiPalma's The Ancient Use of Stone

"...Of the poets I was fortunate to meet during close to a decade of hosting poetry readings, Ray was the most interesting and lively by far. Even the sound of his voice is unforgettable, but what really sticks with me is how he's an intellectual alchemist, taking the stuff of books and refining and transmuting it into the vigorous sinews of his everyday living. His mind is a distillery, an alembic, and that's why his quotidian pluckings and gatherings are so musical - and so fascinating."

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onedit issue 15

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