Distribution Automatique

Saturday, April 22


Tried and true convictions don't raise heads but they don't lower minds either.


Convictions without empathy can justify anything.

Thursday, April 20


What writing begins only committment to a point of view completes.


Talk opens a possibility to listening, listening to understanding, understanding to insight, insight to change. But anywhere along the line the chain might break.

Wednesday, April 19


At the heart of some poems there is no meaning but at the heart of every meaning there is a poem.


What hasn't been said in what is said is the part that sings.

Tuesday, April 18


There's no time for remembering- savor everything to the quick.


Everything gets clearer and clearer- then you realize you don't have to understand.

Monday, April 17


The ever vigilant ape within us (who remains, not out of necessity, but sheer compassion) continues to protect us, in spite of ourselves:- knowing full well that- out of vanity- we will deny its very existence should it reveal its face to us, or anyone else, even for an instant.


Our affection for the books we love is similar to that of a parent for a child- as much for the fact that they very likely will outlive us as for the qualities we hold so dear.

Sunday, April 16


Cruelty conquers briefly what kindness alone can keep.


There is no escape: breathe deep.