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Saturday, March 17


Courage is the stone, disappointment the river.


Something will happen - meanwhile, just live.

Friday, March 16

You Can't Hurry Love

"You can�t hurry love
No, you just have to wait
She said love don�t come easy
It�s a game of give and take"

Tom Beckett (Soluble Census) asks a good question.


Gary Sullivan Tunes The Grand Piano, Part 1


Timothy Yu readings in New York and Chicago

April 7, 2007
730 PM @ Lolita Bar
no cover
266 Broome St., NYC
(corner of Broome & Allen)

Emmy Catedral | Kevin Coval | Thom Donovan |
Wanda Phipps | Sukhdev Sandhu | Timothy Yu |

Sunday, April 8, 5 pm
110 Rivington St., NYC
(Ludlow & Essex Sts.)
F train to Delancey or V train to 2nd Ave
$5 donation

Sunday, April 22, 7 pm

Myopic Books
1564 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago


Thursday, March 15


Our glimpse of life is from a train going fast: where we can barely distinguish the present from the past.


Love is watered by truth at its roots but its arms reach up towards light and kndness.

MoMA presents M o d e r n P o e t s
Revitalizing Frank O’Hara’s legacy and MoMA’s historical commitment
to poetry, this new series invites poets to bring the literary tradition to
the Museum’s collection. Three times a year, poets read historical works
and their own work that reflects on modern and contemporary art.
Writing in Time: Poets and Technology
Wednesday, March 28, 6:00 p.m.
The Celeste Bartos Theater
4 West 54 Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues
Greta Byrum Robert Fitterman
Kenneth Goldsmith Caroline Bergvall
The exhibition Out of Time: A Contemporary View considers notions
of temporality and reconstructions of time through memory, fantasy,
dreams, and history in a variety of media. The increasing prevalence
of technology, whether as an artist’s medium or as visual stimulation
in mass culture, changes the way we experience, record, and perceive
time. On the occasion of this exhibition, MoMA asked poets to explore
how technology informs the language and rhythms of poetry. Greta
Byrum, poet and sound artist; Robert Fitterman, poet; Kenneth
Goldsmith, poet, Professor, Creative Writing Program, The University
of Pennsylvania, and founding editor of ubuweb.com; and Caroline
Bergvall, poet, and Co-Chair, Writing MFA, Milton Avery School
for the Arts, Bard College, read works of their own and of others.
This program is a collaboration between The Museum of Modern Art
and ubuweb.com.
Tickets ($5; members, students, seniors, and staff of other museums
$3) can be purchased at the lobby information desk, the Film desk,
the Cullman Building lobby, or online at www.ticketweb.com.
The Museum of Modern Art

Tuesday, March 13

Vispo Guide

from Brian Carpenter Nico Vassilakis

Nico's latest book is: *Diptychs* from Otoliths.

Monday, March 12

Is Your Jacket Half Empty of Half Full?

-check out Elaine Equi's *Greeting Card Poems* in the advance copy of #32

plus Douglas Messerli, Gilbert Adair, Andrea Brady, Michael Gottlieb, James Sherry, Michael Kelleher
and many, many others now and still to come in April

Jacket 32

Tom Beckett on Alan Davies' new chapbook *Book 5* Soluble Census