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Friday, November 5

I Hate This Rotten World- But I'm Still Happy About This:
Two Bloggers Have Reviewed My Chapbook *Hegelian Honeymoon*

In the past few days, two bloggers, one who I've met in person
only once, and the other whom I've only met online have
reviewed my tiny book of 18 haiku. I couldn't bring myself
to tell you all something I'm glad about but I can't resist
one more moment. Thanks, Ernesto Priego and thanks,
Jay Thomas.

*Much More Than An Avalanche of Words*
Never Neutral (Ernesto Priego) {click here}

*hegelian honeymoon, memory*

Bad With Titles {click here}

Thanks also to Evelio Rojas for his "Warming Thoughts"
about *Hegelian Honeymoon*
Blindheit {click here}