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Sunday, October 31

OOO That Sha- hakespearian Rag

Saturday afternoon's reading at the Bowery Poetry Club
was excellent. David Larsen, who was introduced with an original
flarf poem by Mr. Flarf himself, Gary Sullivan, and who performs his work
without a script, seemed to emanate a Shakespearian
quality, according to audience member Gilbert Adair-
we agreed! Funny, witty, charming, relevant, enigmatic,
the audience response indicated that with Larsen on
the BPC stage, a good time was clearly had by all
including, by the way-psst-James Sherry, publisher of
Roof Books {click here}
whose Segue Foundation sponsors the series that will reach
its 30th birthday in two years; Hassen-
introduced by Nada Gordon by means of some quite wittily
employed physics texts very recently cribbed from the
WWW, set the stage for the Holloween festivities by evoking
narrratives from the Salem witch trials, with a sardonically satiric
and mysteriously charismatic reading style rife
with rich contemporary political implications-
presented us also with some timely political either/ors that
offered some apt comic relief from the unbearably
suspenseful tensions building up as we approach political ground zero
on November 2cd.
Daylight Savings Day Time Travel

Blogger hipster David Hess is back on the scene again,
at the moment with a bit of poetics time travel by means of
Wallace Stevens, and-wow- Ron...not Silliman
but Padgett's poetry anthology, co-edited in the late 60's
by David Shapiro- Hess evokes hilarious and
wise Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge, DA Levy and others

Heathens in Heat {click here}