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Thursday, September 2

"To speak softly and be heard"

In an era of the clamor of unrelenting attacks,
with hatreds igniting nearly everywhere you look,
is it still possible to write love poetry that counts?
You bet it is- check out
*Serenades* by James Meetze
from Cy Press, in 2003.( I
understand there may be
a few copies available right now-
Cy Press {click here})

"The slender world a bed, love, breeze in the morning
a place to rest our heads.
Have I told you I want to make silence a city
in which to live and write without sirens or drunkeness?
Silence is never completely quiet but enough so
to speak softly and be heard.
To sing softly is to carry the burden of song.
Lights of things we have or things we have
In light of the obdurate summer."

James Meetze
"Dear love, for nothing less than thee
Would I have broke this happy dreame,
It was a theame
For reason, much too strong for phantasie,
Therefore thou wakd'st me wisely; yet
My Dreame thou brok'st not, but continued'st it,
Thou art so truth, that thoughts of thee suffice,
To make dreams truths; and fables histories;
Enter these armes, for since thou thoughtst it best,
Not to dreame all my dreame, let's act the rest.
As lightning or a Tapers light ,
Thine eyes, and not thy noise wak'd mee;
Yet I thought thee
(For thou lovest truth) an Angell, at first sight..."

John Donne
*The dreame.*